Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Stone Faces

Thanks for all the healing thoughts from everyone!  We just reached Ulaangom, after another welding of Tyler's trailer in a coal mining town.  It is now reinforced with extra steel and looks very frankensteinish. 
The road we took to Ulaangom went over one pass at 2800m, which the book described as requiring "yeti lungs" to complete.  It was grueling, and was also in a hail storm for part of it.  On the top of the passes are ovoos, shamanistic offerings, piles of stones with sacred scarves and incense, horse skulls, money, food, and always lots of empty vodka bottles.  After placing your rock, or offering, on the stone pile, you make a wish and walk around the pile 3 times.  It feels pretty cool, to be in these remote places, with blue scarves blowing in the wind, surrounded by an immense landscape.  Sometimes a car or truck comes by, people offer fermented mares milk, to us as well, then get back in their car and drive off, blaring their Asian pop music.
The landscape we rode through was some of the most stunning i have ever seen.  So massive.  We camped by one lake that was huge, surrounded by 3000m peaks, and in this huge valley.  The whole evening and morning we were there we saw 2 vehicles far off in the distance.  We squinted, trying to discern if that was in fact the road we planned to be on.  We rode up these amazing valleys, stayed with some herders, drank tea with others, and saw some ancient burial mounds and rocks carved in the shapes of people!  Sometimes, you could just look around and not see anything except for grass mountains and valleys stretched out before you. We even saw Bactrian camels!
Camera issues continue.  Lesson learned- bring 2 cameras on a big trip. 
Onward, next big stop, Moron. Really.
Love to all, Adrianne and Tyler


  1. Though I am sorry that you miss your camera, I am almost enjoying reading your posts More without the pictures. Because then I really read your good words, and try to build pictures. Then, if I am ever so lucky to be in a place where you have been, I can say Not: well it's just like in the pictures, But: ah, so this is what they were discribing...and how much richer the layering of experience! AND, maybe this will nudge Tyler into creating an illustrated-journal version of your trip, complete with frankenstienish trailer. So, thanks for the word-pictures, and I wish you both well! -kat

  2. Hi Adrienne and Tyler! I just caught up on your last three blogs. Wow. Your writing is so moving. Thank you. What difficult lessons about blessings of relationship and simple humanity. Painful lessons that I have had to learn over and over again, and yet which still haunt me. We loved receiving your postcard yesterday, thanks! Keep up your lovely spirits. Healing thoughts are constantly coming your way.

  3. Adrianne and Tyler - Haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope you're ok. Your aunt Maureen wanted to post a comment but had some problems so I told her I would post her comments for her:

    Dear Adrianne & Tyler…….You have been in my heart, thoughts and prayers daily since your very departure….Have just recently been able to catch up with your more current postings, but it was actually your Dad ( Ed) who relayed the camera incident to me……My heart just ached to feel the enormous loss of such precious documentation of so many rare moments……But, within moments, I remembered that, in being the indomitable spirits that you ARE ( and possess), it would only be natural that you would find a higher plane from which to view it---- to be able to spin straw into gold…….You are both beacons of light & love, and everyone who is blessed to share in your life's journey---- as well as on the paths and roads of your current travels----can ONLY be lifted up in the currents of your enthusiasm, boldness and love of adventure!!…….You inspire me greatly, and I "Thank You" for being who you are!!!!!…..Love you both, Aunt Maureen & Jon