Tuesday, August 6, 2013


We changed the settings so it should be easier to leave a comment if you feel inspired to do so.

-Our wak of mayhem widens and lengthens.  You should have seen the post office after we finished with them.-

Take care and have fun-
       Tyler and Adrianne


  1. I love the frequency of your updated blog, keep it coming. Love, Mum

  2. Totally agree with Mum - Had fish tacos last night, thought of you. Love Dad.

  3. Just read a month of blog. Glad to see you are both alive and well. 100 km/day indeed! I thought I was doing well walking down Silk Farm Road.

    Mike Bartlett

  4. Just caught up on your last few entries. Love the photos! Great stories, as usual, esp the one about the mosquitos and the teenagers. Keep up the good travel vibe!!