Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello Friends-

We made it to Bishkek.  Our itinerary suggested that we would arrive today at 3:05 in the afternoon.  Our plan was to arrive with two bicycles and two duffel bags full of trailers and other gear.  Two days later, the vision has become reality.

Our flight from Toronto to Moscow was especially exciting as it was the first Aeroflot connection between the two cities in over forty years.  That is why there was so much confusion while we were trying to get our boarding passes.  That is also why there were so many beach balls and inflatable airplanes and flowers at the ticketing counter and so many delicious finger foods, fruits, juices, pastries, flags of the two countries, and a podium for representatives to say "we are so glad to be here, and we are so glad you are here".  Our plane also arrived at the gate taxi-ing through a double rainbow of water spouting from two fire fighting vehicles.  Awesome.  And to top it off, the stewardesses were straight out of 1960`s- complete with white gloves and little orange hats.

The arrival in Bishkek was a little less grand. It did involve a rather slight young man holding a sign with one of our names on it, which was nice.  It got interesting when we had to strap our bike boxes and a large duffel on the roof.  The boxes were the same size as the roof and they were tied on with only an 8 ft. piece of tattered parachute cord.  We held onto the boxes with our arms out the window the whole way.  We all made it in one piece, and spent the evening wandering around in a dazed stupor.

Thank you for the good thoughts.

Take care
         Tyler and Adrianne


  1. Glad you arrived safely! Awesome adventure so far! Keep up the good adventuring!

  2. Whoa! Rock on in Bishkek. Kak dela? Horosho?
    Missing you guys already! Thank you for the coconut yogurt and the Keeper manual (is it from you?).

    Much love.


  3. Can't wait to see some pictures! Stay safe and have much, much fun!!


  4. How exciting and unique! Great writing - I look forward to every word from you. Bless you both. Love, Dad